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IMG Recliners. A chair or a sofa is not just a piece of furniture. It is a a haven for your body and soul to escape to. To recharge and recover, for your mind to relax and dream. For your body to be truly comfortable and at ease, the chair or sofa has to be more than a soft place to sit. This is the challenge that good and thoughtful Scandinavian design has embraced.

Since 1998, we have specialized in Superior Comfort, Scandinavian inspired Chairs and Sofas.We call this our “Comfort Range”…an anomaly really, as all of our range are built well, but the Scandinavian Designs seem to give it like no other. Variable sizes specific to body types, different padding solutions to suit varying tastes, variable positioning Headrests, Footrests to match the users leg angle and length, Swivel action, Tilt action, and full Recline all available on demand.

Real as well as long-lasting comfort requires correct and ergonomic design. Every chair and sofa that IMG makes is therefore designed to be both comfortable and as ergonomically correct as possible. Our chairs and sofas should support you in such a manner that the initial comfortable sensation continues. IMG lounge is fitted to the customer and are available in unique sizes depending on your physical requirements and are not “overstuffed” in proportion as is normally seen in the local market place.

Sit in ergonomically designed, well-upholstered furniture and more than your muscles begin to relax. Your blood supply begins to circulate more freely. Your back muscles relax as your spine and neck are gently supported in the right place and on the correct angle.

You should expect your lounge furniture to not become too soft. IMG comfort uses only the most resilient materials to ensure the comfort must just keep lasting over time. Materials like cold cured foam, high tensile, steel springs, and superior cowhide means that after the initial break-in period, you will have consistent comfort as your payback on investment.

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