Cotswold Vincent Sheppard, Vincents Garden woven fibre is a world famous classic. This furniture is made to be an “antique of the future”.

COTSWOLD VINCENT SHEPPARD furniture consists of Lazy Joe, Avril, Butterfly, Chester, Christy, Curley, Cocoon, Edward, Jack, Joe with stainless steel frame, Joe counter stool, Joe with OAK legs, Lily chair, Lily stool, Melissa, Papillon, Posa, Sussex, Sydney, Sydney XL, Victor, Victor XL, Cordoba sofa, Joe Cocoon, Cruz, Norfolk and more.

Vincent’s Garden: Roxy, Roy and Roxanne, Lena, Edgard, Gipsy, Gipsy Cocoon, Gypsy lounge, Safi, Safi lounge, Safi table, Bordeaux, Monte Carlo, Avignon side table, Loop chair, Lucy, Lazy Lucy armchair, Lucy, Deauville, Nice, Nimes table, Gigi, Gigi Cocoon and more.

You can choose your COTSWOLD VINCENT SHEPPARD piece with beautiful colors, size, shape and design.

Looking for chic COTSWOLD product, Hasting Specialty Furniture is the name.

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