Tassie Timbers

Tassie Timbers Natural Timber Furniture

Hastings Specialty Furniture is a Tassie Timbers Showroom stocking selections from fine ranges of Tasmanian made Timber Furniture.

From the moment you walk into the showroom, door you are greeted by the smell of polished timbers. You will find yourself surrounded by super-quality furniture crafted from sustainable Tasmanian Timbers or in some cases, timber sourced on the mainland.

These are all made-to-order in a selection (or combination) of solid sustainable timbers. We work hard to discover what it is you need from your furniture…form and function. The ideas flow from existing designs (or we make new ones!) to create the just right piece for you, making modifications and changes that will perform the jobs as per your needs.

Timbers such as Blackwood, Oak, Myrtle, Sassafras, Huon Pine, Stringy Bark and even Red Gum or Jarrah are turned into magnificent furniture from well-known Tasmanian furniture craftspeople. They maintain a standard of unsurpassed quality and excellence in all their designs that cover all areas of décor.

This custom made furniture is for forever and can genuinely be termed “Antiques of the Future”! Gift yourself with Tassie Timber furniture from Hastings Specialty Furniture.

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